OFFF:MX 2012 Sports Data Visualization (slides)

Finally! The link below will take you to a PDF of my slides from my OFFF:MX 2012 presentation on Sports Data Visualization, with a focus on acquiring as much data as possible from my rides using a variety of sensors, parsing, mining, representing, refining and interacting with the data. If you’re a sports geek and/or love […]

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Adobe Illustrator CS6 JavaScript Reference-Dr Woohoo’s Update

For Creative Suite ExtendScript developers, the Object Model Viewer and JavaScript Reference PDFs are the resources towards enlightenment. I typically recommend new users start with the PDFs because they contain examples of code in addition to detailed info about the Classes, Properties, Methods and Parameters. As the developers gain familiarity with the code, I encourage […]

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3d Printing @Staples…

I wanted to follow up on the Wired article about the in-store 3d printing service at Staples. I first did a search on their site and “3d printing” did not match any products. A prompt to talk to someone live via Chat appeared on the web site, so I gave it a shot. Here’s the […]

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