Photoshop: Algorithmic Combinatorics

The objective of this exercise was to slice-n-dice a visual effects algorithm – Posterize in this case – in 3 separate pieces and step through the different types of operators at the appropriate time in order to generate new Posterize inspired algorithms with the intent of finding a new visually stimulating algorithm in the process. […]

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Johnny Cash (stencil, Tokyo) from Dr. Woohoo! on Vimeo. brushes.paints.stencils. (bps) is made up of 3 rich-internet applications (ria): 1) bps: recorder; 2) bps: renderer and 3) bps: player. collectively, they emulate natural and artificial brushes, paints and stencils. the sessions are saved as xml files with swfs or movs (24- or 32-bit) for the […]

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