Apparel Combinatorics

Apparel Combinatorics from dr woohoo on Vimeo. With the new ability to create applications and Flash plug-ins that interface directly with Adobe Creative Suite applications, we can streamline and extend the creative capabilities of the designer based on the processes and tools of the Generative artist. Case in point: Apparel Combinatorics. The objective of this […]

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Generative Kimono update

I previously mentioned my collaboration with Andy McDonald and JR Campbell from the Centre of Advanced Textiles (CAT) at Glasgow School of Art, which ‘has been established to provide cutting-edge fabrice printing facilities and expertise to a wide range of design-based clients. Equipped with the latest digital printing technology, CAT is committed to meeting the diverse […]

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Mass Customization: Generative Art + Shoe Design

I love my black leather Chucks and I dig what Yohji Yamamoto is doing with the Y-3 collection for Adidas… but I really want to have a pair that has some of my artwork and designs on them. So I’ve adapted some of the design applications I created to start generating the artwork for shoes. […]

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