openFrameworks-2-Maya: Drawing

Here’s a proto-type of driving and drawing in Maya via an openFrameworks application via a socket connection.

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Kuler > Illustrator > openFrameworks

This tutorial + associated code focuses on finding and getting beautiful color palettes into your openFrameworks application. the following 411 covers how to export color palettes from adobe illustrator (AI) – found using the kuler extension – and save them in an xml format that is compatible with openFramework’s (OF) ofxXmlSettings addon. to take it […]

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Art & Code Symposium: the videos

Golan has posted a series of video lectures from the incredible Art and Code Symposium on Vimeo with an Intro by Golan, and show-n-tells on: VVVV: Sebastian Oschatz, Processing: Ben Fry & Casey Reas, ExtendScript/PatchPanel/SwitchBoard: Dr. Woohoo!, Max/MSP/Jitter: Luke DuBois, Pure Data: Hans-Christoph Steiner, and the intelligent and hilarious Hackety Hack by Why the Lucky Stiff.

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