openFrameworks-2-Maya: Multi-forces + Face Tracking++

Taking the OF-2-Maya with Multi-forces two steps further. First off, it uses FFT and maps the distinctive characteristics from the audio to parameters of the forces. Finally, the location of the multi-force brush, if you will, is controlled by the centroid location of the face using the face-tracking magic of OF + ofOpenCV. The code […]

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Driving Maya from a custom app: Swarming

Here’s another variation of Keith Peters’ swarming code from his book ActionScript 3.0 Animation. In this exercise, I’m driving Maya with my custom application that uses a port of KP’s code by opening up a socket connection between the two.

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openFrameworks-2-Maya: Multi-force Bristles

Combining several simple examples (TCPClient + Multiforces2) from openFrameworks – the source of the code came from one of the OF workshops as well as the tutorials – with dynamically generated MEL code that I pass to Maya in order to execute and begin painting with in real-time via a socket connection.

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