openFrameworks-2-Maya: Generating Curves, Particles++ w/Sound

  Connecting the dots between openFrameworks and Maya in order to dynamically generate curves + particles from the audio mic while at the same time effecting the direction of the curves based on the rotation of my MacBook Pro (via the Sudden Motion magic from Theo Watson).

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openFrameworks-2-Maya: Multi-forces + Face Tracking++

Taking the OF-2-Maya with Multi-forces two steps further. First off, it uses FFT and maps the distinctive characteristics from the audio to parameters of the forces. Finally, the location of the multi-force brush, if you will, is controlled by the centroid location of the face using the face-tracking magic of OF + ofOpenCV. The code […]

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openFrameworks-2-Maya: Dancing Brush Strokes

This experiment is about analyzing audio in real-time in my custom openFrameworks (OF) application and passing the results to a range of a brush strokes characteristics in Maya. For the latter, MEL code (code that Maya understands) is generated on-the-fly and passed to Maya via an open socket.

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