Inspiration In the book Symmetries of Culture: Theories and Practice of Plane Pattern Analysis, Washburn and Crowe analyze and breakdown the steps used to create patterns found in mosaic tiles, textiles, pottery, etc., from the Egyptians, Mayans, Islamic, Chinese, American Indians, etc., into a classified system, where each variation is based on a specific set of […]

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In this output from the HTML5/JS web application I am developing, it combines the symmetry from the Generative Web, with the cursive brushstrokes from the paintingEngine, with a sprinkle of color palette(s) extrapolated from the series of color analysis and visualization plug-ins, In The Mod: Color Analytics, and a touch of gradient highlights and shadows. The final result can now be […]

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This experiment image was inspired by the following question: What happens when you combine particles that chase the cursor with calligraphy like brushstrokes? Can it be done in JavaScript? I used  a custom JavaScript stack to pull off the experiment with Paper.js as the main library for handling the drawing and animation aspects. Colors The color palette comes from […]

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