Generative Kimono update

I previously mentioned my collaboration with Andy McDonald and JR Campbell from the Centre of Advanced Textiles (CAT) at Glasgow School of Art, which ‘has been established to provide cutting-edge fabrice printing facilities and expertise to a wide range of design-based clients. Equipped with the latest digital printing technology, CAT is committed to meeting the diverse […]

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Mass Customization: Generative Art + Shoe Design

I love my black leather Chucks and I dig what Yohji Yamamoto is doing with the Y-3 collection for Adidas… but I really want to have a pair that has some of my artwork and designs on them. So I’ve adapted some of the design applications I created to start generating the artwork for shoes. […]

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The making of “The Enraptured Cranberry Jellyfish from Tokyo”

This video includes a behind the scenes view of what went into the creation of the animation “The Enraptured Cranberry Jellyfish from Tokyo” ( Not included in this video is the Audio amplitude analysis which was done in After Effects via a SWF Palette, exported and applied to the camera, particles and jellyfish via code […]

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