Immersive Experiments v3.1

The experiments in this video explored what happens when you combine a Kinect camera with generative design at home, as part of an art installation and as a storefront display. How It Works In the video, the application to the left is the server app which analyzes the incoming video from the Kinect, identifies the regions of […]

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Dynamic Abstraction: Driving Illustrator from a Custom App

Inspired by Joshua Davis’ Dynamic Abstraction code for Flash and the challenge of exporting a vector-based graphic at run-time from a SWF, I decided to connect-the-dots between my custom (AIR) application and Adobe Illustrator in this proof-of-concept. It’s ugly as sin, but it’s also beautiful. Upon launching my app – MultipleCanvas – it secretly asks […]

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Inside Digital Design: Art 3.0 with Dr. Woohoo!

Scott Sheppard and Gene Gable were kind enough to spend some time with me discussing art, the tools that empower us and some of the inspiration behind some of my artwork on their show Inside Digital Design Radio & TV.  “Drew Trujillo, Designer –better known as Dr. Woohoo! joins hosts Scott Sheppard and Gene Gable this […]

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