This experiment image was inspired by the following question: What happens when you combine particles that chase the cursor with calligraphy like brushstrokes? Can it be done in JavaScript? I used  a custom JavaScript stack to pull off the experiment with Paper.js as the main library for handling the drawing and animation aspects. Colors The color palette comes from […]

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Explaining the Generative Design Process

I must be in the nesting phase of my life because looking around my place, all I see are blank canvases and design opportunities. The design explored in this post was generated with the home, interior design + textiles in mind. A quick background on my approach: As a generative and computational designer, I imagine […]

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PANTONE ®VIEW home + interiors 2014 – Color Combinations

I wrote some code to generate all possible color combinations of the palettes found in PANTONE ®VIEW home + interiors 2014 collection, sans duplicates, into sets of 3, 4, and 5 colors per group. The palettes, saved as Adobe Swatch Exchange files (.ase), can be downloaded from here. There are 1,872 swatch groups with 7,575 colors […]

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