Generative Knitting Design Tools

Research & Design Concept: What happens when Woohoo combines custom generative/parametric/computational design tools that capture color palettes, generate patterns and applies it to a knit design?

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Cinemagraphs: When Face Tracking Meets Animated GIFs

In the following examples created in early 2015, we explore the design space beyond Instagram, where effects can be applied to specific areas of an image. Once a user sends a Tweet to a specific account with an attached selfie, I use face tracking algorithms to dynamically target in and around the eyes, nose and mouth […]

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Derelict Workwear

Developed the Adobe Illustrator plug-ins that Nika Feldman used to help design the Derelict Workwear collection. Logo was co-designed by Nika and Dr. Woohoo! You can view the entire collection on the Etsy store.

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