The Drifting plug-in forces the path to drift/slide as it chases the current location of the mouse or Leap Motion controller position and is insanely fun to play with. It’s based on a very simple concept where a particle is attracted to and chases a specific point, in this case the mouse or Leap Motion […]

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The main question for this experiment: Can I create a plug-in that sprays random graphics in a efficient, useful and beautiful manner using this framework? When the points of your finger positions are recorded using either the Leap Motion controller (or cursor positions using a mouse), not only can we draw lines using that data, […]

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Sidewinder is a prototype plugin for Illustrator that enables the designer to draw a path with a mouse, trackpad or Leap Motion controller. As the path is drawn in the panel, the plug-in magically spawns paths that are sideways in relation to the direction of the original path. Because the paths are generated via code […]

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