WDDC, aka Create Chaos ’08

Continuing on the conference tour, thanks to Daniel Schutzsmith next up is the WDDC, aka Create Chaos ’08 conference in Orlando, Florida on October 15th at 3:50 pm. With a focus on AIR/SWF Photoshop/Illustrator: What Happens When They Talk? we will explore the creative possibilities of two new tools in addition to the CS4 apps. I will […]

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The Generative Surrealism Kimono Series by Dr. Woohoo!

dandelions kimono agua medusae v2 kimono This is the beginning of a new series of explorations for me, which will probably be non-linear and concurrent with some of my other visual studies. leonel cunha asked a while back why I was using two canvases in my Painting with Code series. One of the reasons I create the […]

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