How-to print on watercolour paper with your inkjet++

What happens when Aviary Peacock + Adobe AIR + Painter Scripts + Watercolor Paper + Deckle Edges + Precoating + Rubber Stamps + Dr. Woohoo are mixed? Deckle Edges To my surprise, deckle edges on paper are extremely easy to create. All you need are: watercolor paper, glass of water, a sponge brush, exacto knife […]

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Introducing… new color tools for Photoshop, Illustrator CS3 and Processing

Looking for beautiful colors? Dr. Woohoo gives you three new color tools to create instant palettes: Search Flickr. Capture images with your WebCam. Or drag-n-drop images from your computer. Just click a magic button, and the colors are saved to Illustrator, Photoshop or as an XML file for Processing. ITM: WebCam in action ITM: Your […]

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Serious. Fun. Dr. Woohoo creates art that coalesces the intelligence of algorithms with the creative expressiveness of natural media (water color, felt pens and spray paint). Woohoo’s Color Analytic algorithms analyze the color palettes from (in)famous paintings, organizing the colors based on their frequency distribution (frequency, relative frequency, etc.) and central tendencies (mode, median, weighted […]

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