WDDC, aka Create Chaos ’08

Continuing on the conference tour, thanks to Daniel Schutzsmith next up is the WDDC, aka Create Chaos ’08 conference in Orlando, Florida on October 15th at 3:50 pm. With a focus on AIR/SWF Photoshop/Illustrator: What Happens When They Talk? we will explore the creative possibilities of two new tools in addition to the CS4 apps. I will […]

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Introducing… el toro & the boa’s

I’m making these creatures with via code in Maya 3d because it allows me to dynamically change their skeletal structure, skin, behaviors, expressiveness, etc… in order to duplicate beautiful and mysterious creatures in this world – but shift the perspective to match my surrealist view. They are currently being printed on Epson printers using archival inks […]

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