Digital Design in Art + Architecture

GPH GALLERY . UNM SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE + PLANNING March 26 – April 16 Artists included: Dr. Rachel Armstrong, Derrick Ballard, Julia Barbosa, Richard Esterie, Kenji Kondo, Dr. Evan Malone, Karole Mazeika, Katie Rast (Fab/Lab:SD), Michael Silver, Shimwolf, Sam Sterling, Luke Stribling, Mira Woodson + Dr. Woohoo! Curator: Kenji Kondo, Fab Lab abQ

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When Architecture Embraces Code.

Kostas connects the dots between the concepts of modern computational theories that embrace algorithms in what he refers to as algotecture, a precise and extremely detailed exploration into the language of and the code (Maya’s MEL scripts) used to generate said algotecture. It is a fascinating and ambitious attempt to contextualize the evolution of design in architecture, […]

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Cybernetic Art Revisited – Lecture Notes++;

Flash on the Beach (FOTB) ’09 As promised, here is a link to my slides + lecture notes. It took longer than expected due to reasons: 1) it was my turn to sit next to the sick, coughing family on the flight back from London, where in turn I was sick for the better part […]

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