MoCo Loco: Dr. Woohoo: Painting with code

Harry was kind enough to share some of the latest artwork I am working on with the MoCo Loco crowd. You can view the article here.

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Introducing… new color tools for Photoshop, Illustrator CS3 and Processing

Looking for beautiful colors? Dr. Woohoo gives you three new color tools to create instant palettes: Search Flickr. Capture images with your WebCam. Or drag-n-drop images from your computer. Just click a magic button, and the colors are saved to Illustrator, Photoshop or as an XML file for Processing. ITM: WebCam in action ITM: Your […]

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Layers Magazine: AIR and the Creative Suite – The Tech Edge

RC from Layers Magazine recently interviewed John Nack, the Senior Product Manager of Photoshop and among other things, they discussed some of the new artwork I’m working on. Here’s the article.

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