openFrameworks-AIR-Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is great, I love it, but there are some enhancements I would like to add to it. Here’s an experiment where I connect a series of openFrameworks (OF) applications – courtesy of one of the OF workshops – together that focus on particles. I then connected them to another (AIR app running SwitchBoard) application […]

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Dynamic Abstraction: Driving Illustrator from a Custom App

Inspired by Joshua Davis’ Dynamic Abstraction code for Flash and the challenge of exporting a vector-based graphic at run-time from a SWF, I decided to connect-the-dots between my custom (AIR) application and Adobe Illustrator in this proof-of-concept. It’s ugly as sin, but it’s also beautiful. Upon launching my app – MultipleCanvas – it secretly asks […]

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Maya-2-AIR-2-Illustrator: Surfaces + Dynamics

I love Maya, but even with my 8-core monster of a Mac, rendering high-res 3′ x 6′ prints brings my box to its knees. As an alternative I wrote some MEL code that outputs the position coordinates from a variety of points (center of a sphere, the vertices’s on a mesh). I then take the […]

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