Derelict Workwear

Developed the Adobe Illustrator plug-ins that Nika Feldman used to help design the Derelict Workwear collection. Logo was co-designed by Nika and Dr. Woohoo! You can view the entire collection on the Etsy store.

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The main question for this experiment: Can I create a plug-in that sprays random graphics in a efficient, useful and beautiful manner using this framework? When the points of your finger positions are recorded using either the Leap Motion controller (or cursor positions using a mouse), not only can we draw lines using that data, […]

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Adobe Illustrator CS6 JavaScript Reference-Dr Woohoo’s Update

For Creative Suite ExtendScript developers, the Object Model Viewer and JavaScript Reference PDFs are the resources towards enlightenment. I typically recommend new users start with the PDFs because they contain examples of code in addition to detailed info about the Classes, Properties, Methods and Parameters. As the developers gain familiarity with the code, I encourage […]

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