The making of “The Enraptured Cranberry Jellyfish from Tokyo”

This video includes a behind the scenes view of what went into the creation of the animation “The Enraptured Cranberry Jellyfish from Tokyo” ( Not included in this video is the Audio amplitude analysis which was done in After Effects via a SWF Palette, exported and applied to the camera, particles and jellyfish via code […]

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Introducing… The Enraptured Cranberry Jellyfish from Tokyo

This animation was shown in public for the first time at Flash on the Beach. Although I was only there for the first day, FOTB again set the highest standard of excellence when it comes to creative conferences and I sincerely appreciate all of the support from John and everyone at FOTB. I also appreciate […]

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Nude-bass Kinetic Sculpture

I love accidents. I was working on a set of algorithms that automatically “generate the shape of the body, deform it and then skin it.” While I was deep in the code, I made a typo and wham! Each skin component rotated. Hehe. With that in mind, I have a script that extracts the audio […]

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